Learn The Stages of Palm Oil Processing

Let’s Learn The Stages of Palm Oil Processing,

Palm oil is one of natural products resources of Indonesia. Processed palm oil was already widely used everyday. Among which are used as cosmetic ingredients or also foodstuffs. The lucrative palm oil business seems to make many people want to plunge and pursue the palm oil business. Indonesia’s biggest name as the world’s largest exporter of palm oil is unquestionable. Not surprisingly, palm oil is among the top three largest business producers for Indonesia.


To get maximum palm oil processing results, it takes several stages of processing. At the processing stage there will be a process of interdependence and related to each other. If one process is missed or obstacles, then the next process will also experience the same thing. That’s why every stage should run perfectly according to the standard that has been determined. What are the steps to process oil palms? Here we go!

Shorting process. At this early stage separated palm oil of good quality and bad to be processed to the next stage. The criteria is how big the maturity level of the palm fruit, because it affects the oil yield.
Sterilizer process. Sterilizer is a pressurized steam vessel that works with a high level of risk. Sterilizer door should be checked before use, to anticipate the leak when the engine is turned on. Make sure you have a high quality machine that has a good cover warranty and a good machine connection. The trick, choose a machine that has a high-quality sterilizer door gasket.
Thereser process. In this process the palm is separated from its bunches. The process runs using engine power, because if using human power will take a long time.
Pressing process. Thee fourth stage is the core of all processes. Oil is taken from coconut by means of forging and powder. Because the core stage, it must be ensured in the previous stage runs perfectly, so that at this stage the oil produced can be optimal.
The importance of the sterilizer process requires the quality of sterilizer doors of good quality. If usually the door used is the result of import, but now there is a door of palm oil stew originating from Indonesia, such as Sterilizer Door Wang Yuen. Get yours immediately by contacting our customer service now!

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