Wastewater Treatment Solutions & Technology

Jual mesin pengolah limbah pabrik sawit

Ada Jual Mesin Pengolah Limbah Pabrik Sawit? Read this article.

Wastewater Solutions & Technology specialized in solid liquid separation, oily water separator, sludge dewatering/thickening, sludge drying solutions.

One of the many consequences of social evolution that have emerged in recent decades is the creation of “Sustainable Development Concept”, understood the use of natural resources and the preservation of the natural environment.

Features :

  • Enclosed to minimise odors and noise (lower than 65Db)
  • Very low wash water usage (1/8 compared with belt press)
  • Very low power consumption (1/20 compared with centrifuge)
  • High cake solids
  • Minimal operator requirement
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Auto startup, run and shutdown
  • Touch screen operation optional
  • Sludge Flow and cake monitoring system