Company Profile

Our company is established in Medan since 1993. We are trading, distribution, technical and engineering company for the General Industry (such as: Steel Mill, Paper Mill, Timber Factory) and Palm Oil Industry.
We have highly competent administrative and technical team at your service.
Our product is as follow:
•    Screwpress
•    Digester
•    Separator/ Sludge Centrifuge
•    Nut Cracker / Ripple Mill
•    Vibrating Screen (Ayakan Getar)
•    Rotary Brush Strainer
•    Sand Cyclone
•    Bunch Crusher
•    Fan and Heater
•    Chain and sprocket
•    Empty Bunch Press
•    Empty Bunch Shredder / Cutter
•    Empty Bunch Turner Machine for composting
•    Air Separator (for Nut, Stone & Cracked Mixture)
•    Palm Oil Loss Analyzer (Infrared)
•    Palm Oil Mill Boiler (Ketel Uap)
•    Palm Oil Mill Steam Turbine (Turbin Uap)
•    Crane and hoist (Palm Oil Crane , Gantry Crane, Overhead Travelling Crane, Pillar/Slewing Jib Crane, Goods Hoist, Wirerope Hoist, Chain Hoist)
•    Transfer Carriage
•    Tippler
•    Sparepart for Crane / Hoist (eq: C-Track and accessories, Flat cable and cable reeling drum, Joystick and Push button pendant, Inverter and contactor, bearings, brake, Wirerope for hoist, gearbox, motor, fan, rope drum, rope guide, rope sheave, rope clamp, shaft, gear, coupling, limit switch, etc)
•    Sparepart for Palm Oil Mill (eq: wormsrew (Segmented) , press cage, drive shaft, cone guide, oil seal, tie rod, bush, spacer, collar, Long Arm/Short Arm Digester, Worn Lengthening Shaft, Expeller Arm, Drive shaft, spur gear, Link Chain for Continuous Sterilizer, Shackle-Scrapper Bar-Sprocket  H19 &Hub for Continuous Sterilizer, etc)
– rotor bar / rotor rod, Stator/Rotor Harden Rod for Ripple Mill / Nut Cracker
– nozzle, nozzle hodler, Gland Nut/packing,  utk centrifuge (Tungsten Durat, Hexoloy, etc)
– re-meshing vibrating screen (20″, 30″, 40″)
– door packing/ karet pintu rebusan (semua ukuran) bahan EPDM, BUNA, etc
– repair/rekondisi pintu rebusan (2100mm, 2700mm, 2800mm, 3200mm)
For After Sales Service, our company provide:
•    Sales and Technical Consultation
•    Service and ready stock sparepart
•    Contract Service (Crane DEMAG, KONE, SWF Kractechnik, etc)
•    Refurbishment

For Further information please call :

Head Office
Address : Jln. Kompleks Bumi Sunggal Blok C/E no 7, Medan – North Sumatera, Indonesia
Telephone : +62 61 8469822 – 8469806 – 8472878 Fax : +62 61 8469790
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Jakarta Representative
Ph: +62-21-6332821/ 08561937055 / 0821108677322
Fax: +62 21 6345859
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